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3.1 Header lines

Each mulvoc vocabulary file must start with a header line which names the columns. Most of the columns have language names, given as three-letter codes in upper case; See Language names. There should also be a column for the type of word (the “part of speech”), which is labelled #TYPE. There may also be a column labelled #SENSE which indicates the sense of the word, as some words have more than one meaning in the same language. If you use the #SENSE column, you should use it consistently, as it is used in matching up parts of the same meaning. There can also be a row labelled (in the #TYPE column) as #LANGUAGENAME, to specify the human readable language name. If you want to be able to edit vocabulary files conveniently using mulvoc, then should be a row whose #TYPE field is #INPUT-METHODS, and whose data cells are suitable for giving to Emacs' input method selection commands.