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Mulvoc created by John C G Sturdy, and is hosted on Sourceforge. Logo

4 Installation

To install mulvoc, you need to download the tarball, and the file, and put the elisp files from the bundle into a directory on your load path. You must set up a directory to contain the dictionaries, which by default is "~/dictionaries" but you can change this by setting the emacs-lisp variable mulvoc-dictionaries-directories (which gives a list of directories, rather than a single directory), and put general.csv (from the bundle) into it. Place in a location pointed to by the emacs-lisp variable language-codes-file-name, by default "~/dictionaries/". Then, to activate mulvoc-mode, type M-x mulvoc-mode in a buffer where you want it turned on. The first time you start it in an Emacs session, it will load the language data, which is currently quite slow. (I plan to optimize it for when there is only one dictionary file; the slow stuff is putting together overlapping definitions from multiple dictionaries.)